How to order crystals from Watch Crystal Warehouse:

We offer 2 methods of crystal replacement:

1) Send us your bezel or case insured, specify the type of crystal (Glass, Plastic, or Premium), and pay return shipping also insured.  We charge $25.00 labor to install glass crystals, $15.00 for plastic PLUS the cost of the crystal.  If we don't have the correct crystal available or are unsuccessful for any reason, we will return your bezel or case with no additional charges.

2) The second method is for you to order the correct crystal from us and either install it yourself or have a qualified watchmaker install it for you locally.  In this case, of course, once payment is received, we will send the crystal to the address specified.  We will require insurance on all orders in excess of $50.00 and delivery signatures on all orders over $100.00.  We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience but we have to do this to protect ourselves and our customer's.  If the second method is chosen then please see the directions for ordering below:

Crystals must be selected by correctly identifying the type, shape and size needed from either the GS Plastic Crystal Catalog or the BB Glass Crystal Catalog ordering by the catalog part number. Check the “Crystal Reference Information” link to purchase copies of the crystal catalogs we have in PDF format.  You will need either Adobe Acrobat Reader or some other PDF application to open and view these files. 

If your crystal was not one of the thousands of popular shapes used mostly during the period from 1920 to 1979 don't expect to see it in a catalog. It you have an illegal fake counterfeit watch contact the importer for replacement crystals.

Crystal replacement is like any science, profession, art or trade of any kind it takes time to learn along with real effort and money to invest in materials and education.  Many mistakes and failures are made until one is able to get it done right (well at least most of the time) if you are just looking to replace only the one crystal on your watch, then you should see a professional or a least a serious hobbyist who is willing to spend the bucks and time need to learn this craft and skill of replacing watch crystals.

Round crystals are the only crystals, which are possible to order by description only.  Example: Send ¼ dz. Round Flat Mineral Glass 28.5 x 1.0 mm.  Most of the popular round types have already been added to our catalog.

Fancy shape "BB" Glass & "GS" Plastic crystals and the 800 or so GS "PA" line of special popular round shape crystals used by name brand watch companies need to be selected from the available crystals offered by the GS Crystal Co in plastic, or by the BB Crystal Co. in glass.  We currently stock most numbers each company offers. Our inventory also contains crystals made by SUC and other companies that at no longer in business. If you come across old catalogs for the 1930s to 1960s in some watchmaker’s stuff keep them and use them to order crystals, since stock may still be available. We will not send fancy shape crystal by millimeter size. You will need to order fancy shapes by GS or BB stock numbers.